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Engaging with primary school children to have positive experiences, pursue interests and develop a passion for health and fitness through sport

At NSSport we are fully commited to shifting participation attitudes towards sport and physical activity. Research shows that only half of seven year olds are meeting the correct physical activity guidelines which could create long term issues for health and mental well-being.

We work with primary schools to deliver tailored and personalised programmes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each and every school we work with. To change the quality of your PE and sport in your school, take a whole school approach to physical activity and invest your PE and Sport Premium wisely, you can be confident that NSSport will help you achieve your goals.

After School Care Venue Information

We have After School Care programmes running at a number of schools so please review the links below to find out further information.



NSSport are revolutionising the sporting community that we can offer our children. We are a three form entry school with children of many faiths, cultures and abilities. NSSport has ensured that every single child has an equal opportunity to take part in sport.


Services we offer

After School Sport

We can further support your school with after school sport provision. Our qualified and experienced coaches ensure children enjoy positive experiences and learn new skills. The after school sports programmes cater for all abilities aged 4-11 years. And provide the schools community with the opportunity to participate and enjoy a wide range of sports. These sessions are designed to engage and challenge abilities and understanding within the sport. It’s also a fantastic way to support a healthy lifestyle and provide parents with flexibility in childcare.


NSSport is committed to delivering fully inclusive physical education (PE) lessons that meet national standards and Ofsted measures. Our team has a vast wealth of experience in delivering PE lessons through covering teachers PLANNING, PREPARATION and ASSESSMENT (PPA) time. With this knowledge we can plan and cater for your schools needs and support each learner in their journey through primary school sport. Our staff ensure that lessons are taught in a style that will engage all children through fun, innovative games and activities that encourage physical development, technical improvement, social and self-assessment skills.

Inset Days

NSSport can provide quality childcare options whilst teachers are on INSET. We will ensure your teacher training sessions allow working parents to maintain their normal daily routine in the knowledge that their children are in safe hands with us. All our INSET days are catered for primary school aged children which are action packed and full of engaging activities.

Sports Days

NSSport can take the responsibility away from your staff to organise and deliver a bespoke Sports Day in the Summer Term. We can discuss events, size of groups/teams, duration, level of competition and event layout. Ensuring you have a stress free – but action packed – day. One that children, parents and staff will all remember. Your school’s sports day can include recording of scores – allowing for a long term school competition, as well as a ‘Roll of Honour’. Medals and presentations can also be part of the package.

Breakfast Club & After School Care Programmes

NSSport Breakfast Club runs during term time each morning. All our breakfast clubs run on the school premises which is safe,friendly and familiar to the children. All our sessions are led by a dedicated and highly qualified team whose purpose is to ensure the children have an active start to their day. Studies have shown that being active can increase concentration and attainment levels. Our NSSport After School Care (ASC) programmes are run after the school day during term time. At NSSport ASC we provide a tasty Lite-Bite through a varied and balanced menu which is available upon request. Children are welcome to bring in their own food should they have special dietary requirements. Please see our FAQ page for further information about these clubs

Sport Team Development Days

We aim to further develop school sport through providing competitive opportunities for learners to compete in a variety of sports, thus improving self-esteem and allowing learners to thrive in a competitive sporting environment. This can be through team coaching, class and house leagues, tournaments and sports days.

My Daily Mile

The aim of My Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances. It is a simple but effective concept, which any primary school can implement completely free of charge and without the need for staff training. Its impact can be transformational – improving not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing. Children run or jog (at their own pace) and should aim to run or jog for the full 15 minutes. Our aim to get every child at all of our primary schools to do My Daily Mile.

Active Playgrounds & Lunchtime Sport

Keeping children active during breaks and lunchtime is proven to improve behaviour and increase activity levels. By introducing simple games and techniques which are structured to ensure children are active helps the wellbeing for the whole school; and at the same time reduces incident levels, as well as cutting the amount of time senior management spend dealing with accidents and behaviour problems. Lunchtime Sport is usually provided as an add-on to a PPA contract. This service provides a vast range of children with an inclusive lunchtime activity which can vary from traditional sports to team building and leadership based activities (depending upon the schools' requirements). Lunchtime sport can prove to be very popular with some socially isolated children and often attract a range of ages all working together. We offer a 'level playing field' for all ages and abilities.

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